Welcome to Washington Academy!

We hope that you find this website useful and helpful to you in your search for an appropriate school for your child. If you decide to choose Washington Academy, today is the beginning of future success for your child. Washington Academy can back up that statement with the thousands of students that have successfully transitioned back to in-district programs and earned a high school diploma and transitioned into the world.

The Washington Academy program consists of two distinct comprehensive supports: Academic and Behavioral.

The Academic support program will assess your child upon entrance to determine the specific grade level work they currently are performing. The assessment will also identify the subject matter gaps that need to be taught by the teacher in order to accelerate their academic progress. Since the academic program is aligned with New Jersey's standards, all academic work is similar to your home public school, therefore if your child does transition to an in-district classroom there won't be any additional gaps in learning.

The Behavioral support program is a full-therapuetic environment. Students will receive group counseling once per week, and individual counseling based on the IEP needs. All students also are integrated into a comprehensive Positive Behavior Support system, which addresses the specific behavior needs identified in the students IEP. Depending on grade level, students are encouraged to make good choices and are then incentivized to make those choices through points, bucks, and tickets that can be used for tangible rewards.

Washington Academy's program is successful because it is implemented consistently over time. Positive behavior change cannot happen overnight, but each student will see positive change over time. The pace of progress is dependent on each student 's individual needs. No matter the identified needs, Washington Academy will continue to implement Positive Behavior Supports on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, until parents and school are happy with the overall progress.

On an annual basis, parents, districts and Washington Academy will come together at an IEP review meeting to discuss future goals and objectives as well as identify specific issues that continue to prevent or pose challenges to your child's transition back to a public school program. All parents are encouraged to play an integral part in that review meeting.

Our strong and widely known reputation is based in our small class sizes, low student:teacher ratios, LCSW counseling program, full art-studio, literacy lab program, technology in the classroom, speech and language, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

We hope that you will agree that Washington Academy is the right choice and can meet the needs of your child both academically and behaviorally and help build the self-esteem, self-image and confidence that goes hand-in-hand with being successful in school.

Thank you for looking at Washington Academy as a viable option for your child.