Video Production

As part of the visual and performing arts curriculum, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves into a video production course. The course gives students the ability to use both digital video cameras and digital still cameras to capture real-life events for editing purposes.


Students through the course will shoot video, download it to a Mac computer, digitize it, import it into a linear editing software program, and edit a short video movie file.

Videos can then be used as part of a larger multi-media presentation the students may be presenting in their classroom, or burned to a DVD to bring home to show to family and friends.


Students can also learn how to plan out a professional-like video production schedule, complete with writing a script, scheduling the video shoot days, organizing and labelling video tapes, and editing video. Students can create through this more advanced coursework, :15 second and :30 second commercials on topics related to Washington Academy activities, school life, or other appropriate subjects.