Support and Intervention Services

Washington Academy seeks to provide a comprehensive therapeutic environment for students who need extra support and intervention with behavior challenges and how they affect the student’s ability to learn, grow and succeed in school and in life.

The entire emotional/social program was developed over 30 years of successful psychological approaches by Dr. Jack Schwartz, a respected psychologist, Professor at Fordham University and former Executive Director at Washington Academy.

Dr. Schwartz integrated counseling services in with behavioral interventions and supports to provide a whole child approach to behavior modification and also an increase in pro-social skills.

The targeted and highly specialized positive behavior support system takes the theory of P.B.S. and turns it into a real-world and relevant successful program for behavior change.

One element of the P.B.S. system that Washington Academy uses is the widely recognized token economy system, whereby students earn points, stickers, or stars for appropriate behaviors.

A token economy system on its own though, does not reduce the level, intensity and frequency of behaviors that severely and significantly prevent a student from making academic progress and growth. Additional supports and interventions must be integrated into the P.B.S. plans to reach the underlying behavioral issues and challenges.

Parents and Public schools have recognized for three decades that Washington Academy’s approach to positive behavior change is a sound and successful approach to children who need intensive support. Any student who might be eligible for out-of-district services in a Washington Academy environment will see an immediate change in overall behavioral perspective.

The key to behavior modification is supporting the whole child.

All of these support services contributes to the overall positive environment surrounding students. Washington Academy wants to take a whole-child approach to enabling success in school and in life.