SPOTLIGHT 2018 is APRIL 10th, 2018

Washington Academy has for thirty years been showcasing the work of its students in an interactive exhibit called “Spotlight.”

What “Spotlight” does is provide a forum for students to show-off the academic work they have been completing in class in an artistic, and creative way. It is a way for our students to shine on a broad stage in front of child study teams, parents, friends and family.

Washington Academy's Annual Student “Spotlight” promotes pro-social skills and project based instruction in all Common Core areas of study.

Each year, the staff at Washington Academy choose a schoolwide theme and then each class creates a project based on the Common Core for that subject. Past themes have been: "Live Green" for environmentalism, "Community" for understanding our local surroundings, "Transitions" for learning how to accept change.

Spotlight 2014: Explorations was hosted on Tuesday April 8th. Public School personnel also attended a Special Training Conference on Project Based Learning as part of our CEU Program.  


SPOTLIGHT 2018: Wonders of the World


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Elementary Classroom Project-Based Instruction on Life Cycle