School Safety

Washington Academy puts student and staff safety at the top of its priority list. That is why all of our staff are trained and certified in de-escalation techniques Handle With Care and CPI to assist students communicate their feelings and emotions in a positive and appropriate way.

Along with student de-escalation though, our school must enhance its security against outside persons. The following are measures Washington Academy has taken to increase security at the school:

  • Video Monotor Intercom
  • Organized Bus Duty System
  • Electronics Policy

Washington Academy has set up a school safety team, which includes members from the anti-bully team to address any and all concerns regarding student safety inside and outside the building. 

It is very important for parents/guardians to make sure their child does not bring any items to school that would jeopardize the safety of their child or other children. A complete list of all items NOT allowed in school is in the Student-Parent Handbook located on our website. 

Washington Academy appreciates your help maintaining a safe, positive and happy environment in which to learn, grow and dream.