2015-2016 Teacher in Training Program (TTP)

Washington Academy has always been at the forefront of education. That is why our program developed the Teacher in Training Program (TTP) for NJ Certified Teachers with less than 3 years classroom experience. This innovative teacher training and development program is an entry-level teaching position and provides comprehensive development in all Teacher Standards, classroom instruction, student learning objectives and student data and assessment.

Since a majority of public school districts require "inclusion" classrooms for most of their students, Teacher training and development has become even more important. A regular education certified teacher must be able to differentiate instruction for 25 students, modify core content for 25 students and provide psychologically sound Positive Behavior Support techniques in the classroom.

The TTP program was featured in a cover-story in the Star-Ledger Careers section and on nj.com.

All candidates interested in the TTP program should send their resume, cover letter outlining why training and development is important for their career and a copy of NJ Certificate to askdave@outlook.com. All candidates must be aware that this is an entry-level position and salary is in 30s based on years in the classroom. 

Mr. David Schwartz, Washington Academy's Chief School Administrator, developed a comprehensive Teacher in Training program for any on-staff teacher with less than 3 years experience. What the program does is provide the level of training and development required to meet the challenges of the 21st Century classroom. 

Public School Trainings and Workshops

In addition to the Teacher program for Washington Academy teachers, Mr. Schwartz also runs development workshops for public school personnel during the school year for NJ CEU credit.


Click the link to receive a FREE CEU Survey and Sign-up Sheet if you are interested in attending one of the Free NJ CEU workshops in 2015-2016.

Past Topics Included:

1.  "Inclusion Management Program": This is designed for supervisors or Principals that have special needs students within their buildings. The key for inclusion to work is to provide training to staff to learn techniques, interventions and de-escalation skills to meet the individual needs of each student. 

2.  "Inclusion Behavior Plan": This is designed for inclusion classroom staff to develop a classroom behavior plan that includes all students and minimizes 'hidden' social stigmas. This training is based on Washington Academy's PBS system.

Stay Tuned for the 2015-2016 Training Schedule

Continuing Education Schedule

2015-2016 Trainings


13th - TBD

27th - TBD


19th - TBD

Other Past Topics of Professional Development:

  • Understanding Positive Behavior Supports
  • Classroom Management Techniques
  • Structuring an in-district special education option
  • Understanding behavioral challenges
  • “Facing Behavior – The Right Attitude”
  • Designing Curriculum for Special Needs (Aligned to NJ Standards)
  • Writing Curriculum Maps to foster differentiating (Aligned to NJ Standards)