Washington Academy Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Support (also known as P.B.S.)

The tenets of P.B.S. are identifying problem or inappropriate behaviors, developing proactive intervention strategies, tracking data, and providing reinforcing supports.

According to Edward G. Carr, 1999 and Robert Horner and Carr in 1997, P.B.S. plans include multiple, interwoven strategies and generally prescribe 1) proactive strategies for changing the environment so triggering events are removed 2) teaching new skills that replace problem behaviors, 3) eliminating or minimizing natural rewards for problem behavior and 4) maximizing clear rewards for appropriate behavior. It is important according to Carr and Horner that emphasizing improving the overall quality of life (ie. relationships, activities, health) are integrated into the supports.

That is the psychological theory behind Washington Academy’s highly regarded and specialized behavior support program.

The question is, doesn’t everyone have access to this psychological theory? And the answer to the second question is YES.

Why then, does Washington Academy’s program benefit a child who is having significant classroom and behavior challenges more than some in-district options or other out-of-district programs?

That answer is in how Washington Academy approaches students with special needs and also behavior challenges.  The simple fact that anyone can research P.B.S. on the internet or through course study is not enough to make a strong impact in a child’s life. Students with behavior challenges have a hard time with class rules, structure, making appropriate choices, anger management to name a few challenges. Those behaviors are exhibited for a real reason. The students who have those challenges have real emotional needs.

Dr. Schwartz through 30 years of psychological counseling, classroom experience and one-on-one interactions with students coined the phrase, “…with love attention and affection each child shall flourish.”

Those three simple words, Love, Attention and Affection are the key to unlocking the mystery of Washington Academy.