NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards


Washington Academy is an academically based program. The school provides the same high quality education that a student would have received in their public school district.

In order to provide the same educational program, it is necessary for our program to align directly with New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJ CCCS).

New Jersey proposed new standards in 2009, and our staff is re-writing our curriculum maps to match the new standards as they are adopted.

To see what the new standards are, you can visit the NJ Department of Education’s CCCS website: https://www13.state.nj.us/NJCCCS/


As part of Washington Academy’s professional development hours provided at the school, all of our staff are involved in writing curriculum maps for each core content area.

Each map outlines one unit per grade level in each subject area. In total, there are approximately nine (9) maps for each subject per grade level.

The maps outline the Unit title and summary, the 21st Century themes and skills, the learning targets, content standards, CPI #s, Unit essential questions and enduring understandings. They also include Summative Assessments and formative assessments and teacher resources available at the school.

The curriculum maps are as their name suggests – road maps for teaching each subject and how to assess evidence of learning.

The curriculum maps assist our teaching faculty with differentiating lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each student’s IEP.

Washington Academy offers professional development and in-service training for its faculty on curriculum design and writing, so that each teacher is knowledgeable about how to develop creative, relevant and effective lesson plans.

The purpose of aligning our academic program to the State Standards is so that a Washington Academy students academic growth will not be disrupted, which benefits the student when transitioning back to an in-district mainstream program when appropriate.