Innovative Transition Program to LRE

Date: March 21, 2017

By: Hudson Horizons

(BELLEVILLE, NJ) Washington Academy today announced that it's innovative transition program to Least Restrictive Environment will now be available for all classified students currently out-of-district or in-district in a self-contained classroom.

Since 2009, nearly 20% of students enrolled at Washington Academy have successfully transitioned back to a less restrictive environment within the local public school district, this level of success has caught the attention of many public schools and is now being used frequently by districts that seek to comply with I.D.E.A. annually.

Students that are classified with OHI, ED, MD, SLD and high functioning on the ASD, are eligible for the program. Typically, if a student has been placed out-of-district at separate school either public or private for at least 3 years, Washington Academy can write a 12-Month transition plan for that student to transition back to a less restrictive environment. 

In the last 18-months, five students have entered into the program and four have successfully transitioned back to a less restrictive in-district classroom. 

For more information please contact the school at 973-759-6555.