21st Century Teachers

Date: February 8, 2017

By: Hudson Horizons

(BELLEVILLE, NJ) Teachers at Washington Academy receive at least double the number of hours of teacher training and development than any other Staff in New Jersey. But more professional development hours doesn't equal better training.

What makes the teacher training better than all other schools in New Jersey is what teachers learn, discuss and analyze. Since every student that enrolls at Washington Academy has an IEP, the staff are all taught how to read, implement and analyze the IEP document. 

"Unfortunately what happens a lot in other schools is that the Teachers don't have a clear understanding of what the IEP actually says," Mr. David Schwartz, Chief School Administrator. "The IEP includes, Goals and Objectives and common core standards, but many teachers ignore them because they don't understand them."

Common Core Standards are at the heart of the highest quality educational environment for students at the school. Teachers track CCS by using a template created by the teachers to ensure that each student is introduced to every single standard on their grade level. That means that a student in the 4th grade will be exposed to every standard a 4th grade non-disabled peer receves in the public school. 

"No other school in New Jersey has such detialed oriented teachers to ensure that each student receives all the same grade level standards," said Schwartz. "By being this detailed, Washington Academy students receive the highest level of education and also should score higher on the PARCC state test than other students with special needs in every other environment."

"Washington Academy believes that our students are just as capable as any other student in New Jersey," said Schwartz. "We ensure that the right modifications are implemented, based on the IEP, but that the students will be exposed to all standards, not some."