School Mission

As our school program reaches the 40 Year Milestone, we reflected on the our past successes and achievements. One thing stood out more than anything else - Our School "Never Gives Up". Every Staff Member that has ever worked at our school over the last four decades has come face-to-face with at least one student who had monumental challenges to overcome. But with proper training, excellent leadership and a full committment to success, all of our students never face those challenges alone.

The School's Mission is Simple

  1. Help each student reach his/her maximum potential
  2. Help each Staff Member develop and grow professionally
  3. Create and Maintain a positive school culture and climate

Core Philosophy

The way we reach our mission is by adhereing to Washington Academy's core philosophy that was created and inspired by Dr. Jack Schwartz, the school's founder and first Executive Director. Each student shall receive on a daily basis ", attention and affection". 




S.T.E.M. Project: Reading Laboratory