Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

Our Middle School students have a unique set of academic and social needs and challenges. That is why we divide up our middle schoolers based on IEP goals and Target Behaviors.

Our beginner middle school class are for students who are less socially mature and tend to have reactions to classroom situations that are both inappropriate and unable to self-calm or de-escalate. Typically students cannot handle transition or change very well, so we provide a self-contained type of environment more conducive to learning.

Our more advanced middle school class utlizes a modified departmentalized schedule. Because of this schedule, this becomes a High School Prep class. Students learn how to take notes, work with multiple teachers and navigate a more advanced schedule that will become required at a High School level. 


All Washington Academy classrooms follow the same Common Core Standards as a public school classroom. Our teachers are incorporating specialized curriculum maps written specifically for students with learning and behavioral challenges in the classroom.

For a full review of New Jersey's Common Core Standards: http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/


Washington Academy infuses student learning into the "Age of Test Scores" by helping our students not feel as much test anxiety. Our literacy program, ACHIEVE3000 teaches students how to use online based programs for reading and other subjects. The program teaches students how to do the same tasks asked of them during the PARCC exam and NJASK, such as: highlighting with the mouse, cutting and pasting, and typing in answers.

Because of our students focus on ACHIEVE3000, their test scores are higher than if they never used ACHIEVE3000.


It's not just arts and crafts at Washington Academy, which is why our students are more successful than most other students in similar programs. The key to overall school success, is to allow students to express themselves in an open, honest and appropriate manner. The only way to teach students how to do that is through an Art Studio program that focuses heavily on self-expression and communication through different media and methods.

Success in our Art program means success in Math, Science, English and Social Studies. 


Students who are at least 2 Grade Levels below in Literacy are automatically enrolled in the Reading Lab for additional literacy help and support. Students benefit from a more personalized approach to literacy support. Some students have shown up to 2 Grade Levels of increase within an 18- month period.  


Beginning in the 7th Grade, students can utilize our State of the Art Fitness Center, which has the same gym equipment as Rutgers University Athletic Center. The Life Fitness equipment allows students to learn and develop different muscle groups under the guidance and supervision of a certified PE teacher. The Fitness Center also boasts brand new Stationary Bikes that have touch-screen TVs that allow students to take a bike path in France or Spain while exercising.

Fitness is a key component to overall health and school success, as regular fitness activities that increase the heart rate, help with self-confidence, anxiety reduction, and anger management strategies. (According to Research from the MAYO CLINIC)




These 21st Century computers have the ability to be both a tablet with a touch screen and a laptop with a keyboard. All of our HS Prep students are assigned a Surface individually to use during the entire day. 


College and Career Readiness is the goal of Washington Academy for all of its students, so that is why starting in the 7th Grade our students begin the process of career exploartion and engagement.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Do I want to go to college? Where do I want to live? How much money do I need to live comfortably?

All of these questions are introduced and answered by our students in the Middle School Transition Program.