Technology Introduction 

A 21st Century School

Students are exposed to the 21st Century Learning Skills they need to be successful:

Rosetta Stone: With a partnership with Rosetta Stone, Washington Academy can offer up to 26 different world languages to our students. Students take 2 years of a language at our program so they have time to learn the mechanics of language and the ability to speak it fluently. At the end of the 2-years students have earned 5 Full Credits in World Language

Click Here For Rosetta Stone

Achieve3000 : Washington Academy places a high importance and emphasis on Literacy Skills. Achieve3000 allows our teachers to individually track your child's progress. Achieve3000 also informs the Teacher and the Parent about your child's Lexile Score - which can predict how well he/she should do on PARCC assessment as well as on the SAT and College/Career Readiness.

Makerbot 3D Printers: Washington Academy in 2018 installed two (2) Makerbot 3D Printers in our Maker Lab Course. Students will learn how to create, design and engineer 3D models and print-outs. This is a cornerstone for the 21st Century Learning Lab.

Technology Tools

Washington Academy uses a lot of Technology Tools to help and support student growth.

1. Google Chromebooks : Washington Academy is a fully integrated Google School and Google Classroom

2. Interactive Boards : The Teachers and students are exposed to fully interactive boards that allow touch-screen and Google Drive technologies to work together in the classroom

3. Kindle Fires : Apps and Reading Programs are helpful to students who struggle with reading in and outside of the classroom

4. Apple Computers : As part of the Makerbot 3D Printing Lab, the Video Production Course and the Job Lab, students use Apple products and computers to help create and design 3D models, Brochures, Catalogues, and Video Editing technology.