Technology Introduction

In addition, students throughout the school have Kindle Fires, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and Surface Tablets to practice and learn new technology skills and to enhance instruction on a daily bass.

Computer Based Learning and Programs

World Language: Students can take up to 26 languages in our World Language Program through Rosetta Stone. Each student is assigned an individual learning plan, which can take up to 2-years to complete. The coursework is monitored by a certified special education teacher and students learn how to speak in the chosen language through an iPad app, and speaker-headphones provided to the student.

Enhanced Reading Program: All Washington Academy students will get increased literacy help through Achieve3000, which tracks and assesses student's Lexile scores. The State of NJ will be administering the PARCC assessment in 2015, which will also report Lexile scores for all students. This program is preparing our students for the 21st Century.

Kindle Fires: As part of the new literacy learning series in our elementary and middle school grades, students read whole books, chapters and take notes in the Kindle Fire to expose them to the digital world of books. (College students are now required to read and take notes digitally)

Individual Laptops: In order for students to be successful in college or on the job, they must have excellent typing and computer skills, so each student is assigned a laptop during the class period. Programs such as: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are used as well as typing tutors to improve speed and accuracy.

Samsung Galaxt Tablets: Our Pre-School and Kindergarten class has these latest Samsung Tablets exclusively in their program to expose students to apps, videos, and online learning tools.

Surface Tablets: Our High School Prep Program (7th and 8th Graders) have these tablets exclusively to expose and teach them how to use the latest, most innovative PC tablets on the market. Students are able to use Microsoft Office Suite, as well as make presentations remotely over wi-fi network.

Job Laboratory: Through the Job Lab coursework, students will be exposed to and learn computer skills in the following programs, Cision (Public Relations/Marketing), Studio System (Film/TV, Entertainment) and MindGenius (Business and Project Management) software.

Video Production: Washington Academy offers students the opportunity to work with professional digital video cameras and computer based linear editing software.