This website provides a broad overview of all that Washington Academy has to offer both students and child study team members.

Washington Academy provides a unique experience for its students and emphasizes a strong academic and social/emotional environment. We emphasize a positive and nurturing environment conducive to learning and growing.

Some of the highlights of WA’s program are:


  • Low student to teacher ratio (as low as 3:1) depending on grade level
  • Extended School Year Summer program
  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Center
  • Pre and Post Academic Assessment
  • Pre and Post Behavioral Assessment
  • Speech and Language at no extra cost to district


  • Preschool-2nd Grade
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Art Studio Program
  • Career/Transition Program (Includes off-site visits)
  • Pre and Post Academic Assessment


  • Social Workers at each level of academics (Elementary, Middle and High School)
  • Consulting Psychologist
  • Consulting Psychiatrist


  • Field Trips
  • Basketball Team (including away game at official NBA NJ Nets facility)
  • Environmental Studies Trip (Science Standard 5.1)
  • Field Day
  • Annual Awards Ceremony