Elementary School Program

Student to Teacher Ratio: As low as 3:1 in some classes, as we focus heavily on intervention strategies to reduce behavioral interruptions and increase academic performance.

Technology in the Classroom: Each class has different technology tools that increase the level of difficulty as the students grow. In the K-2 room, students are introduced to desktops and tablets. In Grades 3-6, students use laptops and Kindle Fires to develop keyboarding skills, research and reading.

Reading Laboratory: Washington Academy developed the Reading Lab in 2008 to meet the challenges of students who struggle to read. Our student success rate is outstanding, some of our students have seen 2 Grade Level leaps in 18 months while learning to read with the help of the Reading Lab. 


All Washington Academy classrooms follow the same Common Core Standards as a public school classroom. Our teachers are incorporating specialized curriculum maps written specifically for students with learning and behavioral challenges in the classroom.

For a full review of New Jersey's Common Core Standards: http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/


Washington Academy infuses student learning into the "Age of Test Scores" by helping our students not feel as much test anxiety. Our literacy program, ACHIEVE3000 teaches students how to use online based programs for reading and other subjects. The program teaches students how to do the same tasks asked of them during the PARCC exam and NJASK, such as: highlighting with the mouse, cutting and pasting, and typing in answers.

Because of our students focus on ACHIEVE3000, their test scores are higher than if they never used ACHIEVE3000.


It's not just arts and crafts at Washington Academy, which is why our students are more successful than most other students in similar programs. The key to overall school success, is to allow students to express themselves in an open, honest and appropriate manner. The only way to teach students how to do that is through an Art Studio program that focuses heavily on self-expression and communication through different media and methods.

Success in our Art program means success in Math, Science, English and Social Studies. 



Our end of the year field trip, takes our "Top Point Earners" on an overnight stay to the Poconos Mountain region to learn about nature, the environment and how to interact in the world outside the City.

This trip is aligned with NJ Common Core Science Standard 5.1 and infuses classroom learning into experiential learning.