About Washington Academy

Washington Academy was founded in 1982 by Dr. Jack Schwartz, a licensed psychologist and an educator of students with classroom challenges. The school’s core philosophy was developed out of Dr. Schwartz’s real-world experience with students who were unable to conform to school rules, follow teacher directions, keep up with academic expectations and general inappropriate behavior.

“…With love, attention and affection, each child shall flourish,” was his motto and he dedicated his life to providing those three basic human emotions and interactions every day with every student. When it came to student needs there was never an exception to that motto.

Today, Washington Academy continues to implement the Positive Behavior Support (P.B.S.) system that Dr. Schwartz developed over 40 years ago from his teaching experiences and his psychological background and degree.

What makes Washington Academy different from any educational setting in the State of New Jersey is the P.B.S. our staff use with our students.

Our staff are highly trained with a specialization in classroom management, behavior intervention and positive behavior support. Each Staff Member receives a minimum of 10 hours of de-escalation training per year, and over 20 hours of professional development every year as well.

For three decades, over 30 public school districts have worked with Washington Academy to provide the most intensive and comprehensive special needs programs for students who cannot be successful in a public school environment.

For those 30 districts, if a student must be placed out of the public school, Washington Academy is the first choice.