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New Year, New Innovation


Beginning in 2015, Washington Academy will showcase how students enrolled at the school are making advanced growth compared to other students in New Jersey. Each student receives a personalized academic program regardless of grade level, while immersed in the most comprehensive, positive, and supportive behavioral intervention plan.

21st Century Cutting Edge Education

Since 2008, Washington Academy has been successfully transitioning 1 in 5 students back to an LRE program in-district. Starting in 2015 Washington Academy has leaped into the lead in specialized out-of-district programs. Students in grade Kindergarten through 4th grade have transitioned back to district, on average, within three years from placement.


Our Middle School students are exposed to the most innovative technology available in the world. Our 8th graders are all enrolled in the "High School Prep" program, which accelerates the academic pace, the rigor of the classroom and introduces multiple content specialist teachers to simulate a high school experience, while using the same hi-tech computers as 30 NFL franchises.


At the High School Level, our students receive targeted skills development, which will lead to more college enrollment and a higher rate of employment. No other private school teaches students entry-level, hi-tech skills in the fields of marketing, public relations, film management and production, business management, and sales.

School of Excellence Four Years in a Row

Washington Academy was named a School of Excellence by NASET (The National Association of Special Education Teachers) in 2014, the fourth year in a row.  NASET recognizes schools that meet the rigorous standards of special education, and provide a therapeutic environment for children.

  • Washington Academy - School Hours

    School Hours

    School Day: Classes run from 8:20 am to 2:00 pm.


    Half-Days Schedule is from: 8:20 am - 12:45 pm.

    In Case of Weather Advisories

    Delayed Opening: Classes begin at 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm.

  • Washington Academy - Admissions


    Admissions Office

    Call 973-759-6555

    We Have Rolling Admissions throughout the School Year

    Lower School (Pre-k - 8th Grade):

    Upper School (9th - 12th Grade):


    New Programs

    LRE Step Down Program

    HS Public School Prep Program

  • Washington Academy - News


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  • Washington Academy - Anti-Bullying Program

    Anti-Bullying Program

    Anti-Bully Specialist:

    Miss Jillian, SSW


    To speak with any anti-bully trained staff: Call 973-759-6555

    For more information about the Washington Academy Bully program, contact: Anti-Bullying Mailbox