Star Students:

The success that Washington Academy students achieve is no accident. For over 30 years, our PBS (Positive Behavior Support) system has been helping students navigate the stressful and competitive classroom environment. All of our students have the ability to be successful in school and in life, but without the positive support and guidance it is very challenging to observe their full achievement. At Washington Academy, every student is recognized for every achievement they accomplish.

LRE Step Down Program

It is very important for all public schools in New Jersey to meet the standards of Least Restrictive Environment in their districts, which is why Washington Academy developed a LRE Step Down transition program for students that are currently in an out-of-district placement.

The LRE Step Down Program accepts students from other out-of-district schools and together with the parent, child study team, and student create an appropriate transition plan to full LRE in the public school. Typically the transition plan can take as little as 6-months and up to 24-months for full implementation.

School of Excellence Four Years in a Row

Washington Academy was named a School of Excellence by NASET (The National Association of Special Education Teachers) in 2014, the fourth year in a row.  NASET recognizes schools that meet the rigorous standards of special education, and provide a therapeutic environment for children.

  • Washington Academy - School Hours

    School Hours

    School Day: Classes run from 8:20 am to 2:00 pm.


    Half-Days Schedule is from: 8:20 am - 12:45 pm.

    In Case of Weather Advisories

    Delayed Opening: Classes begin at 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm.

  • Washington Academy - Admissions


    Admissions Office

    Call 973-759-6555

    We Have Rolling Admissions throughout the School Year

    Lower School (Pre-k - 8th Grade):

    Upper School (9th - 12th Grade):


    New Programs

    LRE Step Down Program

    HS Public School Prep Program

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  • Washington Academy - Anti-Bullying Program

    Anti-Bullying Program

    Anti-Bully Specialist:

    Miss Jillian, SSW


    To speak with either anti-bully trained staff: Call 973-759-6555

    For more information about the Washington Academy Bully program, contact: Anti-Bullying Mailbox